Meeting Materials

Meeting Day 1: Tuesday, May 13, 2014

- ISAC Minutes – May 2012, Portland, OR
- ISAC 8 Member Biographies

NISC Member Department Reports
- FY 2013 USDA Grants Workbook
- USDA Report to ISAC
- USDA Do No Harm Report FY 2012
- Invasive Causing Extinction (ICE) USDA Program

U.S. Forest Service Handbook (TEMPLATE)
- USFS Federal Register Notice

Subcommittee Agendas
- Control and Management
- Organizational Collaboration
- Prevention
- Communication, Education and Outreach (CEO)
- Research

Meeting Day 2: Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Harvest Incentives White Paper (TEMPLATE)

        - Harvest Incentives White Paper (Final for approval)

- Example of Regional Coordination: Model State Law for Recreational Watercraft Pathway (TEMPLATE)

         - WID Model Legislation

- Using Non-Native Species in Shellfish Culture and the Challenge of an "Invasive Species" Label (TEMPLATE)

        - ISAC Steering Teleconference Notes (2003)
        - ISAC Definitions White Paper (2006)
        - ISAC Recommendation Letter to NISC (May 2006)

- FICMNEW: Who We Are. What We Do. and How Can We Assist? (TEMPLATE)

        - FICMNEW Membership List
        - Farm Bill 2014

- Addressing the Issue of Non-Native Forest Insects and Diseases (TEMPLATE)

- Standard Practice for Creating a List of Invasive Plants for a Defined Region (TEMPLATE)

         - DRAFT ASTM Standard

- ANSTF/NISC Report on Climate Change and Invasive Species

- Biosecurity and Invasive Species Management in New Zealand

- Sage Grouse and Invasive Species Fire Cycles

Meeting Day 3: Thursday, May 15, 2014

- No documents at this time.